Priwacy Pwease

This is one of those posts that will mortify Lilla someday. Sorry sweetie. Poor Lilla has the runs. And she’s sitting on the toilet crying because her tummy hurts. And the soundtrack to this incident is reminiscent of the bathroom scene with Harry in Dumb & Dumber.

I ask her if she has diarrhea. She nods and tears stream down her face as she says, “Priwacy Pwease.” It was the saddest, cutest thing I’ve seen in a while.


‘Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?’ Interpreted by Lilla

Gigi and Aunt Kuby come to visit

Jon took his annual Manada trip last week and my mom (Gigi) and Kirby (Aunt Kuby) came out to spend time with Lilla, Quinn and I. It was a blast. I kept Lilla home from daycare for the week so we could enjoy some real QT just us girls. We went to the park, to a birthday party, up to wine country, to the outdoor mall, had an ice cream sundae, had a PJ Dance Party, played dress up, went and had a real tea party and got a haircut and overall, lots of laughter and memories ensued. Below are pictures of the week. The quote below is from our professional bedtime staller Lilla Grace Rodgers.

“Hey I got a good idea…how ’bout we have a PJ Dance Party! I got wots of beads and wots of cwowns.”

IMG_4069 IMG_4075 IMG_4079 IMG_4081 IMG_4083 IMG_4087 IMG_4096 IMG_4099 IMG_4100 IMG_4106 IMG_4103 IMG_4107 IMG_4110 IMG_4113 IMG_4120 IMG_4122 IMG_4126 IMG_4134 IMG_4136

That time Lilla got bit by a Bull Mastiff

June Gloom is a very real thing in San Francisco. Especially in our fog-drenched neighborhood of the Outer Richmond. While the rest of the country is enjoying 80+ degree weather and sun, we’re bundled up fighting through the fog. The 55-degree fog. We’ve been straight up sitting in the middle of a cloud for the past week. Not very motivating when it comes to trying to leave the house. Brrrrrr.

As a result of this wonderfully awful weather, I had serious cabin fever come Sunday so we decided to leave our neighborhood and venture to the Presidio to say hello to the sun. We hit up Picnic on the Presidio, this awesome San Francisco event that happens every Sunday from May to October. Basically 20+ food trucks park alongside these giant lawns in the Presidio for 6 hours for everyone in attendance to enjoy as they picnic with their kids, significant others and/or hipster friends. And it’s dog friendly to boot.

Upon arrival Jon noticed a full grown Bull Mastiff and couldn’t believe the size of him. Think Hooch from that 90’s Tom Hanks classic Turner & Hooch. After a few hours of picnicking, Jon took Lilla over to see the “big doggie”. Holding Lilla back, he first asked the owner if the dog was friendly. To which the owner replied, ‘Yes, he’s really nice. She can pet him.” Famous last words.

Lilla walked up and the dog gave a bark. And before anyone could deduce that it was a warning bark, the dog bit Lilla’s arm. No joke. He bit her arm. Luckily it was a warning bite because it didn’t break the skin. Just left a few tiny bruises and emotional scarring on Lilla. And Jon for that matter. After a few choice words to the beast’s owner, Jon and Lilla came back to our picnic area to tell the tale. Later on after the tears had subsided, Lilla said, “I want my Penny. I don’t wike mean doggies.”

We’re hoping she’s learned her lesson that not every dog is as nice as Penny. And we’re so thankful nothing worse happened.


Bananas in Cabo taste that much better.

Let’s play catch up

So January and February have been quite the whirlwind. First in terms of Lilla’s developments and second in terms of my crazy workload. Hence the lack of cute updates. Fear no more though. I’m about to drop the motherlode of cuteness on you via videos and photos. Enjoy!

Sun, sand and the stomach flu

We made our annual trip down to Cabo San Lucas to spend time with Jerry & Linda at their time share. This was Lilla’s first time out of the country. Seriously, she’s such a little traveler already. Though our trip was going to be a short one, we were really looking forward to some fun in the sun with the fam. And more importantly, we were really stoked to see Lilla in the pool and on the beach for the first time. What we didn’t anticipate was picking up the 24 hour stomach bug on the way down.

This little unwelcome baggage claimed me first, Linda and Lindsay second and then finally Jon third. Jerry was unscathed. Lucky guy. We also think Lilla may have had a bout of it but bounced back so quick. Luckily it only lasted 24 hours, but nonetheless it definitely shortened our trip. Even so, it was great to spend time with Jerry, Linda and Lindsay. And Lilla seemed to love the warm weather, water and Mexico.

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Well hello there Oatmeal.

Lilla tasted her first solid food on New Years Day 2012. Not exactly the biggest fan at first. But that’s to be expected when you’re only source of food is the boob. Take a look at the pics below. Pretty sure we captured her sentiments. Videos to follow.

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Tour de Midwest: Christmas 2011

Christmas in Chicago was awesome. Didn’t snow, which was kind of a bummer, but at the same time, it was in the 40s and 50s (typical SF winter weather) so  you could actually walk around the city without your snot freezing.  We flew home this year for two whole weeks. Which was nice because we were able to spend a week with my family and a week with Jon’s. So a lot of our families were able to meet our little nugget for the first time.

Week 1

We spent the first week driving back and forth between Chicago, Woodstock, Crystal Lake, and Wisconsin. My Dad was nice enough to lend us his Hummer for our entire trip so we had some wheels to rely on. TG. Lilla was a good little backseat passenger too. Which made our mini roadtrips that much more enjoyable.

Lilla definitely raked it in in the gift department. Between my Mom, Terry, Dad, Nancy, Kirby and all the relatives, she’s now an unofficial spokesmodel for Carter’s and Fischer-Price. 🙂 Although she seemed to enjoy the wrapping paper more than the gifts themselves. Typical 6 month old.

I also loved seeing my parents and sister with her. They’re such great grandparents. And Kirby’s an awesome aunt. Lilla’s a lucky little girl.

Week 2

For our second leg of the trip, we drove to Jon’s hometown of Geneseo, Illinois early Christmas morning. It was kind of bittersweet because this was the last year of spending Christmas in the Geneseo house as Jon’s parents Jerry and Linda are in the midst of building their dream/retirement home on the lake at Oak Run. Christmas 2012 will be celebrated there. Everyone can hardly wait.

Lilla was a big hit with the Rodgers family. And she was able to spend some quality time with her Grandma, Grandpa, aunts, uncle and cousins. She really digs Drew, Jack and Ava. And something tells me she’ll be Ava’s little shadow when she gets older.

There was a lot of card playing, quality family time and amazing eating during that second week. Pretty sure I gained at least 5lbs

The pics below are a great recap of our Tour de Midwest. Enjoy!

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We have a grabber in the house.

In the last two weeks Lilla has not only started reaching for things, but she’s started grabbing them and pulling them to–you guessed it–her mouth. Everything goes in her mouth. Both Jon and I cannot believe how fast she’s growing and how much she’s learning with every new week.

Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Linda were just here visiting. Lilla was able to get a lot of QT in with them during their visit and I know Grandma & Grandma loved it. We were even able to go out to dinner and brunch a few times with Lilla. She was just her usual smiley (and sometimes sleepy) self.

It’s so true what everyone says, “it just keeps getting better and better.” Every day I love that little girl even more than I thought I could. Jon and I feel so so blessed that God picked us to be her parents. We’re having a blast. Pictures of Gma & Gpa Rodgers visit are below.  Enjoy!

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