Sun, sand and the stomach flu

We made our annual trip down to Cabo San Lucas to spend time with Jerry & Linda at their time share. This was Lilla’s first time out of the country. Seriously, she’s such a little traveler already. Though our trip was going to be a short one, we were really looking forward to some fun in the sun with the fam. And more importantly, we were really stoked to see Lilla in the pool and on the beach for the first time. What we didn’t anticipate was picking up the 24 hour stomach bug on the way down.

This little unwelcome baggage claimed me first, Linda and Lindsay second and then finally Jon third. Jerry was unscathed. Lucky guy. We also think Lilla may have had a bout of it but bounced back so quick. Luckily it only lasted 24 hours, but nonetheless it definitely shortened our trip. Even so, it was great to spend time with Jerry, Linda and Lindsay. And Lilla seemed to love the warm weather, water and Mexico.

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