That time Lilla got bit by a Bull Mastiff

June Gloom is a very real thing in San Francisco. Especially in our fog-drenched neighborhood of the Outer Richmond. While the rest of the country is enjoying 80+ degree weather and sun, we’re bundled up fighting through the fog. The 55-degree fog. We’ve been straight up sitting in the middle of a cloud for the past week. Not very motivating when it comes to trying to leave the house. Brrrrrr.

As a result of this wonderfully awful weather, I had serious cabin fever come Sunday so we decided to leave our neighborhood and venture to the Presidio to say hello to the sun. We hit up Picnic on the Presidio, this awesome San Francisco event that happens every Sunday from May to October. Basically 20+ food trucks park alongside these giant lawns in the Presidio for 6 hours for everyone in attendance to enjoy as they picnic with their kids, significant others and/or hipster friends. And it’s dog friendly to boot.

Upon arrival Jon noticed a full grown Bull Mastiff and couldn’t believe the size of him. Think Hooch from that 90’s Tom Hanks classic Turner & Hooch. After a few hours of picnicking, Jon took Lilla over to see the “big doggie”. Holding Lilla back, he first asked the owner if the dog was friendly. To which the owner replied, ‘Yes, he’s really nice. She can pet him.” Famous last words.

Lilla walked up and the dog gave a bark. And before anyone could deduce that it was a warning bark, the dog bit Lilla’s arm. No joke. He bit her arm. Luckily it was a warning bite because it didn’t break the skin. Just left a few tiny bruises and emotional scarring on Lilla. And Jon for that matter. After a few choice words to the beast’s owner, Jon and Lilla came back to our picnic area to tell the tale. Later on after the tears had subsided, Lilla said, “I want my Penny. I don’t wike mean doggies.”

We’re hoping she’s learned her lesson that not every dog is as nice as Penny. And we’re so thankful nothing worse happened.



  1. Oh My, how scary for poor Lilla and Jon! Glad she is okay!!

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