Holiday Family Photo Sesh

There’s nothing in this world that Jon LOVES more than taking pictures. Consecutive posed pictures too (note the sarcasm). So when we (me) decided that Thanksgiving Saturday afternoon would be the perfect time to snap our first holiday family photos, Jon was elated. We chose San Francisco’s inspiration point as our backdrop and had Ansel Adams (aka Daniel O’Connell) as our photog and Nancy as Ansel’s assistant. Penny joined in on the fun too. And let me tell you how easy it is to shoot two adults, a baby and a dog on top of a windy hill in the sun. We had a good time nonetheless and ended up getting some great shots. Jon’s just glad he doesn’t have to do it again. That is, until next year. 🙂

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Lilla’s First Turkey Day

A year ago Thanksgiving we let the cat out of the bag about Lilla. Seems like forever ago now that she’s here with us. And though she couldn’t enjoy all of the turkey day dishes, she had a great time nonetheless. As she was the party’s biggest hit.

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Lilla Found Her Phalanges

It’s official, Lilla found her hands today. It’s adorable. She’s been staring at them all day long. She’s just mesmerized. Plus she’s starting to grab things more. Which makes it easier to keep her entertained. Can’t believe she’s 4 months old already. Time has just flown by. We have a big week ahead of us though – we’re transferring her to her crib. Fingers crossed it goes well. Would love for her to continue to sleep through the night. 🙂

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Back to the Grind…

Well, the time for me to join the work force again has officially arrived.  Though I was not looking forward to parting days with Lilla (our morning couch snuggle sessions, neighborhood jaunts, Chestnut window shopping excursions and mommy & daughter playtime), getting back to my work life has been good. Nice to see and work with friends again and to have something more to do than change poopy diapers. Don’t get me wrong though. I think about that little monkey all day long.

And though I knew becoming a parent was hard, becoming a working mom is even harder. I think I have about 2-3 hours a day where something is not planned out. I wake up at 5:45 only to snooze until 6am, get myself ready in hopes that Lilla sleeps a little longer, then I feed her, get her ready and then off to daycare then off to work. And then from work I take the bus home, pick up Lilla before DC closes and then home for a few precious hours before she goes to bed. At which I also long for bed but thanks to the joys of breastfeeding have to pump. Needless to say I have an entire newfound respect for working mothers.

I’m not going to lie, day 1 was a tough one. The guilt definitely set in as I dropped her off at DayCare. And even though she’s only 3.5 months old, I felt like she passed me a look of contention that said I had given up on her. I’m thinking it’s a case of the back-to-work blues that moms go through though and hopefully it’ll pass. Though I’ve heard I’ll always have a little bit of nagging guilt.


Blessings overload.

Feeling oh so thankful that God blessed me with this wonderful and amazing little girl. Our little family is the light of my life.

A timeline of 1sts…


1st Breath – 07/13/11, 2:56am







1st Bath – 07/13/11, 4:30am







1st Bottle – 07/31/11







1st Smile (awake) – 8/6/11







1st Time Rolling Over – 6 weeks







1st  Successful Pacifier Attempt – 9/3/11







1st Bears Game – 9/11/11







1st Giggle – 9/21/11










1st Cooing – 8/15/11

“Can you do me a favor…”

This phrase has never been uttered more in our house now that Lilla has graced our lives. Seriously, Jon and I are always asking each other for favors while we’re feeding, changing or just entertaining Lilla. It’s become our new catchphrase.

There she blows and tickle time

Lilla’s reaction to a little wind blowing her way and Jon tickling her underarms.

3 Month Milestones – Drool, giggles and more drool

We took a little trip to the pediatrician this week and surprise, surprise, Lilla grew another inch. Yep, she’s now 25.5 inches long and weighs 12.1 lbs. She’s smiling up a storm and has even started to giggle a little bit. But the biggest milestone we’ve noticed is how much this little girl drools now. Holy saliva. Good thing we have the mother lode of bibs because now we officially need to use them. She’s getting more and more fun everyday and definitely knows our voices and faces now. Though I think she’s known them for a while now, we can get her to light up just by mentioning her name.

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Month Two – Smiling, rolling over and sleeping through the night (fingers crossed)

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It’s true what they say – it just gets better and better. Lilla is in full fledged smile mode now. My favorite time of day is first thing in the morning after a feeding. She is all smiles and bright eyed and just a happy happy baby. We recently bought an activity mat to put her on for tummy time and to give her some stimulation while she lays on her back. Every time I put her on it, she rolls over to her stomach and starts tummy time on her own. I can’t believe how high and for how long she can hold her head up! Definitely a proud mom that she’s doing things so early, but at the same time I don’t want her to grow up so fast.

In other news, she’s sleeping through the night [watch, now that I’ve posted that, she’ll start waking up] and it’s been amazing for both mine and Jon’s sanity seeing that we’re able to sleep through the night ourselves. 🙂 She’s not the best napper in the afternoons but I’ll take sleeping through the night over napping any day.

We’ve also been a lot more mobile these last few weeks. Especially since it’s officially summer in San Francisco now (at least for 1 or 2 more weeks). We’ve been going for daily walks together and I joined a playgroup that we’ve been attending with other first time moms with babies Lilla’s age. It’s been awesome getting to relate to other women going through the same stuff as me – especially at the same time.

We’re headed back home to Chicago this coming weekend to see the fam and to introduce everyone to Lilla. I’m really looking forward to it but am a little hesitant about the plane ride.  Our flight leaves right during her fussiest time of day. Just hoping she won’t have melt downs the entire flight. If so, I’ll just hand her off to Jon. Haha, kidding.