We have a grabber in the house.

In the last two weeks Lilla has not only started reaching for things, but she’s started grabbing them and pulling them to–you guessed it–her mouth. Everything goes in her mouth. Both Jon and I cannot believe how fast she’s growing and how much she’s learning with every new week.

Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Linda were just here visiting. Lilla was able to get a lot of QT in with them during their visit and I know Grandma & Grandma loved it. We were even able to go out to dinner and brunch a few times with Lilla. She was just her usual smiley (and sometimes sleepy) self.

It’s so true what everyone says, “it just keeps getting better and better.” Every day I love that little girl even more than I thought I could. Jon and I feel so so blessed that God picked us to be her parents. We’re having a blast. Pictures of Gma & Gpa Rodgers visit are below.  Enjoy!

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  1. She is so stinking cute!!!! I can’t WAIT to see her! I love the smiles and the rosy cheeks. You two are obviously such wonderful parents and that is just the happiest baby ever.

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