This little lion likes hay.

Lilla visited her very first pumpkin patch yesterday. Complete with barrels of hay, pumpkins, animals and yes, a hay ride around the parking lot! Only in San Francisco. This year, Lilla is going as a lion for Halloween. A feminine lion if you will. Mainly because she roars like one. It’s really cute.

Anyways, about 15 of us moms and our little nuggets headed to the pumpkin patch with the kiddos all dressed up. We boarded the truck of hay for a $3 ride around the parking lot. Lilla was fascinated by the scratchy straw. I mean, could not keep her eyes off of it. Surprisingly she didn’t attempt to eat it. Check out the pics below of our festive excursion.

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Lilla’s lingo and footwork.

Snuggling with Penny

Look ma, I can stand up on my own!

The joy of splashing.

After venturing to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, Lilla found her favorite spot at the museum – the splashing pool.

One busy busy busy little girl.

In the last four months, Miss Lilla Grace has done a boatload of growing. In the physical sense yes. She’s longer, heavier, wears a bigger size diaper and her hair seems to be growing longer on the front of her head than anywhere else. And since she’s blessed with my cowlicks, it’s nearly impossible to keep out of her face. But all that aside, what’s really changed is her personality. It’s gotten bigger. Brighter. Bolder. Allow me to elaborate.


Her smile lights up the house. She has an audacious little nature and is very independent. She says hi to anyone that pays attention to her and her curiosity puts Curious George to shame. Every morning we go into her room, she greets us with roll call, pointing at things wanting to know what they are,”Ah-dat?” It’s amazing to see the little wheels turning inside of her head.


I know they soak things up like a sponge at this age but wow, Lilla must have a Guinness record size sponge in her head. She shakes her head no (a lot) and yes. Though we’re pretty sure she only understands the meaning of “no” when she’s in her high chair and some sort of food she doesn’t like (that day) is headed in the general vicinity of her mouth.

Her vocabulary has expanded to include more words – “Hi there,” “Daddy,” “Mine (our least favorite of her words),” “Deddy (Penny),” “Deese (Please),” Ouch,” and “Does (Toes).”  She also has her own little language that she chants around the house, “Gobbledee Gobbledee Gobbledee.” I think of all the words she knows, that one is my favorite. With baby Henry upstairs she’s quickly learning that she needs to be quiet around the baby. So she now shushes herself whenever you say the word “baby.”

And last but not least, she does animal noises. She roars for a lion, says “roof roof” for a dog, beats her chest for a gorilla (perhaps my favorite one), moos for a cow, neighs for a horse, “hoo’s” for an owl, tweets for a bird, and hisses for a kitty cat. We taught her that one because Trent & Sarah’s cat is satan’s spawn.


She still refuses to say “Mommy” when asked but does now say it when she wants something. It’s almost always recited with a bit of a whine. She just started walking. Yay! She’s still a little shaky. Pretty much looks like a drunk sailor with every step but she’s determined. She also likes to scream in public. Not like tantrum scream (although that has happened once or twice), but scream to make sure she’s heard. Mainly out of excitement. We recently took Lilla with us to an engagement party of old coworkers of mine and she was definitely the life of the party. She literally put on a show for everyone there. Whether it was crawling or “Gobbledee Gobbledee Gobbledeeing,” she had nearly every kidless adult at that party thinking to themselves for a moment, “hmm maybe kids aren’t so bad.”

So there you have it. A lot has happened in the four months since I last posted. I’ll post some videos after this one. But take a look at the photos to see just how big our little nugget is getting. We are so proud to be her parents. And unbelievably blessed.

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1st Bday = 1st Cupcake

Our little nugget is 1 year old!

Well, it’s official. We have a one-year old under our roof. The cutest little one-year old in my opinion. A lot has happened over the past month. Lilla’s vocabulary has increased by a few words. She’s pulling herself up on pretty much anything in her way and walking around it. We’ve witnessed her do a few free-standing tests only to grab back onto something. And every time we hold on to her and encourage her to walk, she’s either really into it or not at all. That’s okay in my book though. From what I hear, once they’re mobile, your entire world changes.

The slideshow below is from our summer so far. Lilla and I flew home to Chicago in June for Kirby’s wedding shower and bachelorette party. Our first flight without Jon. It went pretty well if you subtract a few stain-filled events. The trip to Chicago was filled with wedding planning, family BBQs and a little girl time. We spent the 4th of July up in Georgetown (the foothills of Lake Tahoe) at our neighbor’s parent’s house. Good times. Lilla enjoyed the pontoon and attempted to enjoy a Coors Lite (note to readers – it was empty).

This past weekend was Lilla’s 1st bday and her 1st bday party. We grilled out in the backyard. The party’s theme was “finger foods.” With a turnout of about 35 adults and kids, the fog held off for long enough for Lilla to devour her first cupcake. She was a huge fan of the frosting. Oh and the sugar high it left behind.

Now for the new developments:

Words: 6

  • DADDY – She calls everything and everyone Daddy. Including me.
  • PUFFS – Her favorite little puffed cereal.
  • PENNY – Her favorite furry friend.
  • HI/HELLO – She thinks everything’s a phone and holds whatever she gets her hands on, up to her ear.
  • BABY – A new one. Hard to understand still though.
  • LIGHTS – She’s become very familiar with light fixtures and likes to point them out to us.

A Few Favorites:

  • FOODS – Puffs, blueberries and (ever since after her party) M&Ms
  • DRINK – Milk, duh.
  • ELECTRONICS – iPhones and remotes. She’s like a magnet to them.
  • GAMES – Hide and seek, “I’m gonna get you,” and “Let’s throw Lilla in the pillows.”
  • MODES OF TRANSPORTATION – Crawling and Carriers
  • ACTIVITIES – Dancing to Harry Belamonte’s “Jump In The Line,” feeding Penny, throwing things on the floor, and reading with Mommy and Daddy.


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I’m 11 months old!!!

Seriously where has the time gone? I can’t believe our little nugget is only 1 month shy of her 1 year birthday. She is hands down the best thing that’s ever happened to us. We can’t wait for all the years and memories to come. One thing I learned today is that taking her monthly photos isn’t as easy anymore. She’s quite the curious little monkey. Kept wanting to yank off the sticker and her hair bow and basically whatever else I tried to put on her cute little head. 

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Mommy’s funny

Sarah and I were talking about the time when Lilla had the stomach bug and she projectile puked all over. I started imitating it and Lilla thought it was the funniest thing ever. Check it out.