Our little nugget is 1 year old!

Well, it’s official. We have a one-year old under our roof. The cutest little one-year old in my opinion. A lot has happened over the past month. Lilla’s vocabulary has increased by a few words. She’s pulling herself up on pretty much anything in her way and walking around it. We’ve witnessed her do a few free-standing tests only to grab back onto something. And every time we hold on to her and encourage her to walk, she’s either really into it or not at all. That’s okay in my book though. From what I hear, once they’re mobile, your entire world changes.

The slideshow below is from our summer so far. Lilla and I flew home to Chicago in June for Kirby’s wedding shower and bachelorette party. Our first flight without Jon. It went pretty well if you subtract a few stain-filled events. The trip to Chicago was filled with wedding planning, family BBQs and a little girl time. We spent the 4th of July up in Georgetown (the foothills of Lake Tahoe) at our neighbor’s parent’s house. Good times. Lilla enjoyed the pontoon and attempted to enjoy a Coors Lite (note to readers – it was empty).

This past weekend was Lilla’s 1st bday and her 1st bday party. We grilled out in the backyard. The party’s theme was “finger foods.” With a turnout of about 35 adults and kids, the fog held off for long enough for Lilla to devour her first cupcake. She was a huge fan of the frosting. Oh and the sugar high it left behind.

Now for the new developments:

Words: 6

  • DADDY – She calls everything and everyone Daddy. Including me.
  • PUFFS – Her favorite little puffed cereal.
  • PENNY – Her favorite furry friend.
  • HI/HELLO – She thinks everything’s a phone and holds whatever she gets her hands on, up to her ear.
  • BABY – A new one. Hard to understand still though.
  • LIGHTS – She’s become very familiar with light fixtures and likes to point them out to us.

A Few Favorites:

  • FOODS – Puffs, blueberries and (ever since after her party) M&Ms
  • DRINK – Milk, duh.
  • ELECTRONICS – iPhones and remotes. She’s like a magnet to them.
  • GAMES – Hide and seek, “I’m gonna get you,” and “Let’s throw Lilla in the pillows.”
  • MODES OF TRANSPORTATION – Crawling and Carriers
  • ACTIVITIES – Dancing to Harry Belamonte’s “Jump In The Line,” feeding Penny, throwing things on the floor, and reading with Mommy and Daddy.


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