This little lion likes hay.

Lilla visited her very first pumpkin patch yesterday. Complete with barrels of hay, pumpkins, animals and yes, a hay ride around the parking lot! Only in San Francisco. This year, Lilla is going as a lion for Halloween. A feminine lion if you will. Mainly because she roars like one. It’s really cute.

Anyways, about 15 of us moms and our little nuggets headed to the pumpkin patch with the kiddos all dressed up. We boarded the truck of hay for a $3 ride around the parking lot. Lilla was fascinated by the scratchy straw. I mean, could not keep her eyes off of it. Surprisingly she didn’t attempt to eat it. Check out the pics below of our festive excursion.

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  1. Those pics are adorable! That costume is so cute! Love it! Can’t wait to see her next week!

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