We have a weed under our roof.

Just got back from Lilla’s 8 week doctor’s appt and it’s official, she’s in the 97th percentile of height/length (she’s 24.5 inches long!) and the 75% percentile for weight (she’s 10 lbs 10 ounces). Plus when I told the doc about how she’s been smiling and making noises in response to us and rolling over, the doc said she was well ahead of schedule. Yay!

The only sad part of our appointment was when she had to get 2 shots, one in each leg. Poor poor little girl. She turned bright red, widened her eyes and then let out an earth-shattering (and heartbreaking) scream. I felt so so bad. But she recovered gracefully. And is sleeping peacefully right now.

Happy girl

Happy girl


  1. She can’t get to Chicago fast enough! Love the bonnet. I can’t imagine how hard that was to take her for shots. Poor little girl. 😦

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